Kill Bill – The Whole Bloody Pinball Affair

Kill Bill is a custom pinball machine made by Pinnovating, running on the P-ROC system with a theme based on the legendary Quentin Tarantino movie by the same title. The P-ROC system is a hardware system to allow you to make your own software. Kill Bill is based on a Bally World Cup Soccer 94, but it’s playfield lay-out has been changed on at least 10 different points. Besides the playfield changes, the visuals are running on a 27″ HD-screen supported by a classic Dot-Matrix screen as well.

It took almost four years to complete the game. Over 2,000 hours were spent on seeing Beatrix Kiddo waking up from her coma, to take revenge once again on her Death List Five former Deadly Viper Assassination Squad members, only now in the form of a mad murdering Pinball Machine. This is the 3rd title by Pinnovating after the Demolion Man on Steroids and The Matrix. All programming , sound FX, soundtrack and visuals are once again done by Pinnovating’s own Mr. Byte, while the handcrafted artwork is done by professional airbrush artist Mr. Ink.

Experience how Kill Bill inspired this game and turned it into a roaring rampage of revenge. What does it take to convert a friendly game of soccer into a machine to kill for? Find out at the UK Pinfest 2018, Friday, 24th August 2018 till Sunday, 26th August 2018 at Mercure Daventry Court Hotel and Spa, Daventry, England.